Graduate Training Program

About the program

UNABCEC initiated the Graduate Training Program in 2019 as part of her “Construction Industry Advancement Program” to offer practical experiences/ training opportunities to the final year students/ fresh graduates of construction and engineering related fields.

The program is aimed at empowering tomorrow’s contractors and building the future for the construction industry. We believe that these early experiences give the graduates an important stepping stone into their careers and also help to produce the right professionals for the Construction Industry.

Towards the end of each academic year, the Association invites applications from eligible finalists/fresh graduates for this opportunity. A database of successfully shortlisted applicants is then availed to UNABCEC members and other construction companies to select the candidates of their choice. The duration of training and other terms and conditions are determined by the host company.

Eligible Host Companies

  1. UNABCEC Members
  2. Other Construction Contractors
  3. Construction Consultancy firms
  4. Any other private company or government agency employing services of construction professionals

Benefits of the program to the host company

  1. This program saves you the burden of advertising jobs for your company by bringing potential candidates closer to you.
  2. Tap into the benefits inherent to the young person, such as greater flexibility and willingness to learn, innovation and energy, higher skills and a greater optimism
  3. Benefits connected to workforce development and growing your own workforce, such as enhanced loyalty, reduced turnover, shared organizational culture, attracting talent and preparing for the future
  4. Benefits occur through greater workforce diversity, such as insights and connections to the market and customer base
  5. Greater cost-effectiveness due to no recruitment cost.

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2nd Intake of the Program (2021)

Shortlisted Applicants

This year's shortlist includes both degree and diploma finalists/fresh graduates in the following construction and engineering related fields;

  1. Civil Engineering/Building Construction
  2. Construction Management
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Quantity Surveying/ Building Economics
  6. Water Engineering
  7. Automotive and Power Engineering
  8. Land Surveying

Click here to download the list of shortlisted applicants and support their dreams

All shortlisted applicants attended an online orientation - WORK READINESS WEBINAR on Wednesday 24th March 2020 which prepared them as they join the employment world.

Unsuccessful applicants

Click here to download list of unsuccessful applicants with reasons for their failure.