Uganda National Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (UNABCEC) is a 29-year-old non-profit, member-driven umbrella body that brings together Genuine Contractors and other Companies and Organizations engaged in construction in Uganda.

In the recent years, the Association noted with concern, the increased number of unscrupulous companies that submit forged UNABCEC Membership Certificates to procuring entities to support their bidding process, among other benefits.

The Association hereby informs her esteemed Stakeholders that in addition to the Company Seal on the Top Right Corner, a QR Code has been introduced as a new security feature on the Bottom Left Corner of the Membership Certificate.

The process below shall be followed to validate the UNABCEC Membership Certificate;

1. Use a QR Code Scanner to read the code on the bottom left corner of the certificate,

2. The code leads you to the UNABCEC Membership Directory on

3. Type the name of the company in the Company Name field and click the SEARCH


4. The details of the Member Company will be displayed. Any company that does not appear on the Membership Directory is not a Member of UNABCEC.

This security feature is effective January 2022 thus all certificates that do not bear this feature should be considered INVALID.