Strategic Pricing for Profit Training

Date Posted 2016-09-08

UNABCEC carried carried training on Strategic Pricing for Profit from 8th to 10th September at Silver Springs Hotel Bugolobi.

UNABCEC has had seven training  sessions on Strategic Pricing for Profit (Estimating, Costing and Building Up Rates) since April

2014. The latest training  session was held at Silver Springs Hotel from 8th to 10th September 2016 and attracted 25 participants.

Many small contractors have to cope with the special managerial problems that arise from bidding for and carr ying out varied and dispersed projects and are faced with highly cyclical demand. UNABCEC responded by developing  “improve construction business short skills courses”. These suit the specific needs of small buildings, roads, and public safety interest works contractor’s personnel and engineering students that tend to join the industr y to move ahead of competition through onsite and top up skills.

Our 3rd intake  this year was on Strategic pricing for profit, a 3 day short course was completed in September 2016.  Many contractors produce ‘guesstimates’ - not estimates - of project  costs, so they either bid high and lose the contract or even worse - get the work at a price which is below the cost. Next month  as advertised on page 50, we shall have our 4th training  this year which will be on Construction Site Management from 8th to 10th December 2016, a 3 day course. A potentially profitable contract has been  won after  the first course. This course gives you planning  skills to make  you think hard  about how you can make  your company  more  profitable by improving productivity on your sites i.e planning  for profit, scheduling your plants, material and checking of progress and making  it happen on site.We have twenty practical trainers who under went a series of top up trainings to assist in preparing and running  seminars and workshops to the entire public.

We were glad to host the president of UIPE, Dr. Eng Dorothy Akello  who awarded certificates and closed the training.  She promised to have the courses incorporated into the CPD program. The upcoming European Union support will go a long to further improve these trainings as we cooperate for furtherance of training in engineering practice with UNABCEC.