Care for Human Resource in Construction amidst Covid19

Date Posted 2020-09-16

As coronavirus continues to ravage the world’s economy, Uganda’s construction sector has not been spared. There are a number of important lessons learned from COVID-19 that company leaders should be evaluating for their businesses. Construction is going to win no matter how the eventual economic recovery plays out and there will be a lot of opportunities for contractors willing to take a risk and consider new sectors or types of projects.

Needless to say, company leaders must not forget about the backbone of their companies – Employees. It is important to not let the fear and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic erode established company culture and values. It is human nature for people to gravitate towards others like them and distance themselves from those who are different during times of crisis. But, in order to maintain the progress companies have made towards creating more inclusive workplaces, now more than ever it is important to reinforce your company values and ensure employees feel a sense of belonging. Here are a few tips to get you going.

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