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Date Posted 2016-06-16

  • Subsidized Business Insurance and Guarantees: Bid, performance and advance payment guarantees for members are now reduced to 50% because of CROSSROADS Intervention Programme funded by DfID.
  • Training and certification in construction related courses.
  • Training and certification of heavy equipment operators at a subsidized price for members.
  •  Interaction with stakeholders in the construction industry at UNABCEC social functions.
  • Access to Joint Venture formulation with both local and international companies arranged and overseen by the Association.
  • Opportunities for subcontracts and supplies of goods and services to member companies.
  • Channel for airing out views to policy makers that are relevant to the industry.
  • Regular e-mail updates to members about job/contracts adverts.
  • Forum for Alternative dispute resolution for member companies.

Strength in Numbers Equals Strong Voice. Through UNABCEC, contractors are able to voice their opinions and concerns regarding issues that directly affect our industry. Collectively we can influence the construction industry.

Additional Benefits.

  • Activities towards ISO certification for the Association have been initiated. A team to assist member companies to implement total quality management systems (QMS) to ISO 9001:2008 standard has been established. Consequently a pilot Project to get 5 UNABCEC member companies ISO certified is underway. This will be rolled out countrywide for interested members.
  • Plans are under way to establish a duo-vocational training centre run by the association and offering training in courses that are specifically demanded by the players in the construction industry. This started off with the training of heavy equipment operators at Luweero. By end of 2014, a total of 63 operators would have been trained and assessed by UNRA approved assessors.
  • A quarterly magazine to be run by the association – ‘The Contractor’- is under development. It will be distributed free of charge to industry stakeholders.
  • A programme under which regional liaison points/chapters in every region where we have at least 10 members is being pursued.
  • A technical team to Corroborate and monitor subcontracts and joint ventures amongst UNABCEC members is to be constituted.
  • A SACCO for Members is to be established. This is open only to UNABCEC member companies.
  • Joint follow up on overdue payments from delinquent employers.
  • Establish needs based technical advisory services for our members like taxation, claims preparation and contract management

What We Promise To Do: UNABCEC Strategic Plan 2014-2018

UNABCEC is a membership organization dedicated to foster growth and sustainability in the ever changing environment of commercial construction contractors, improving job site safety, expanding the use of cutting edge technologies and techniques and strengthening the relationships between contractors and clients. Through member surveys and a thorough dialogue with key UNABCEC constituencies, the association gathered important information on the issues and priorities it should address now and gleaned feedback on how best to position ourselves for the future. The following are key interventions that will guide the association’s membership services for the next four years.

Strategic Intervention;

  • Get the association ISO certified.
  •  Organize and host annual Construction Exhibitions.
  • Establish a construction Vocational Training and skills certification centre.
  • Produce and widely circulate a UNABCEC Contractors’ magazine.
  • Hold regional quarterly sensitization seminars and workshops.
  • Establish UNABCEC regional branches.
  • Give publicity to available best practices and projects executed by members.
  • Encourage and monitor networking activities and joint ventures amongst UNABCEC members.
  • Mount regular skills training programmes for members’ staff and technical college undergraduates.
  • Establish needs based technical advisory services for our members in areas like taxation, claims management, e.t.c…
  • Negotiate and establish trade discounts for members amongst suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Improve contract financing solutions and also seek friendly/alternative banking arrangements for members.
  • Provide periodic indicative standard construction rates for members.
  • Establish Working Chapters to handle issues in the different sectors of the construction industry.
  • Enhance working relationships with regional Associations and inter-member dialogue.
  • Expedite the enactment of the UCICO Act and seek more representation and shared roles.
  • Build strong working relations with government departments and agencies and Develop relationships with large foreign companies.
  • Promote and protect members’ interests within the EAC federation.
  • Engage in corporate social responsibility.
  •  Arrange and participate in talk shows quarterly to further interests of our members.

How will my Voice be heard in the Industry?

Your voice will be heard through the group representing your Industry. UNABCEC gives you the opportunity to air out all your views, within the association meetings, which are then forwarded to the respective agencies and institutions and debated further there with representation from the association.
There will be Legislative Representation, adding support to the group representing your industry in the political arenas on both the local and central levels. This is of the utmost importance to construction Contractors and Suppliers. UNABCEC represents construction contractors on several government-working committees such as Sector Committee for Transport, Infrastructure Committee of the sector working group, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting committee, Roads Industry Council, P.S.F.U services subcommittee and skilling Uganda Reform task force.

Presently, we are leading a fight against unfair competition, which is taking business away from legitimate Contractors.

Get Involved—this is YOUR Industry Association!